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  • Buy Your First Home

    First Time Buyers

    Buying a home should be one of the happiest moments of your life. Read about these simple steps to ensure your first time home buyer success.

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  • Buy a Home With Bad Credit

    Damaged Credit

    Fear not, there are special mortgage programs that will allow you to buy or refinance; even with a recent bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure.


  • Refinance an Upside Down Home

    Underwater Refinance

    There are special Florida mortgages available, even if you owe more than your home is worth.  You may not even need an appraisal!

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Specialty Mortgage Programs

Recent Mortgage News

  • What is a Cash In Refinance?

    Most of us have heard the term ‘cash out refinance’, where you borrow extra money from the equity in your home.  So, if a cash out refinance is where you get money, a cash in refinance would be when, you guessed it, you actually put money into your home during a refinance transaction. When Should a […]

  • 2014 USDA Loan Changes Delayed

    100% Financing STILL Available Across Florida Home buyers looking to purchase with no money down can breath a deep sigh of relief now, as it has been confirmed that the USDA mortgage program will NOT be changing their eligible areas at this time. USDA mortgages offer buyers 100% financing for properties located in specific, ‘rural’ […]

  • 4 Bold 2014 Mortgage Predictions

    30 Year Fixed Rates Will Rise Over 5% Let’s start with the easiest of the 2014 mortgage predictions.  Mortgage interest rates rose about 1% from 2012 to 2013, but where will they head in 2014? The answer is unequivocally up. The government has already come out and stated that that they will be purchasing less […]